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Grow Core Deposits Strategically and Affordably

Core deposit growth is not keeping pace with loan portfolio growth for many banks.  The temporary solution is often the use of non-core funding or paying above market rates for certificates.  But, non-core funding is not a permanent solution your regulators encourage and paying above market rates has multiple downside consequences.

Bank Strategies LLC can substantially and profitably improve the growth in your core deposits.  We work with you and your team to identify the deposit growth opportunities in your market.  We evaluate their relative attractiveness and feasibility, prioritize them, and identify the necessary products/services and other resources to differentiate your bank and produce a flow of new core deposits. 

Let us help you take advantage of the opportunities for affordable core deposit growth that exist in your bank and market.

  • Market opportunity identification and quantification

  • Internal obstacles and interference

  • Leakage identification

  • Product line strengths and weaknesses

  • Customer service considerations

  • Core deposit rate competitiveness

  • Income statement strengths and weaknesses


Bank Strategies, LLC produces a periodic email covering a variety of topics including those shown on this web site in the "Our Thoughts" tab plus others that we do not add to this web site.  If you would like to be added to our email list, please email Jim Swanson at Jim@bankstrategiesllc.com with the term "Subscribe me" as the subject line of the email.  Thank you.



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