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Bank Strategies, LLC periodically sends an email to banks and people on our email list.  Some of the email are authored by Bank Strategies LLC consultants, others are from others that we think our readership will find of value.  Following are the most recent white papers of Bank Strategies LLC consultants. To be added to our email list, email Jim@bankstrategiesllc.com  with your name and email information.

Advantageous Strategic Planning

Moving from Budgeting to Strategic Planning

Core Deposit Growth Strategy Options

When Price per Share Considerations Disorient Rational Thought

CECL and the art of divination

Strategic Considerations on the Path to Normalized Rates

Recent Developments with the Bank Secrecy Act

Leadership Succession Presents a Growing Risk to Community Banks

Deposit Base Management-Once Again...Banking is a Cyclical Industry

The CEO's Most Imporant Job: Strategic Planning

Banking the Millennial Generation

Dodd Frank and CFPB:  Burdensome, yes.  Reason to sell your bank, no.  Convenient excuse, yes.

Pogo was right: Community banks are their own greatest enemy 

Characteristics of Higher Performing Banks

Limiting Exposure of the Community Bank Directorate

Rip Van Winkle, Marijuana, and Risk Management Practices
Sound Committee Structure for the Community Bank
Board Responsibilities with Management Succession
Board Meeting Efficiency
Corporate Governance and the Directorate
Examination Preparation
OREO-Hold or Sell?
Appraisals 101
Customer Profitability
Approaches to Managing Problem Assets
OREO (Other Real Estate Owned) Acquisition, Holding and Disposition

Litmus Testing Your ALLL

Bank Board Accountability

Stress Capital: The New Focus

Small Business Marketing Strategy

Net Non Core Funding

Pre Provision Profitability

Managing Loan Portfolios

9 C's of Credit



Bank Strategies, LLC produces a periodic email covering a variety of topics including those shown on this web site in the "Our Thoughts" tab plus others that we do not add to this web site.  If you would like to be added to our email list, please email Jim Swanson at Jim@bankstrategiesllc.com with the term "Subscribe me" as the subject line of the email.  Thank you.


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