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Acquisition and Branching Services

Organizational growth, whether through organic or acquisition strategies, is a proven means to enhance franchise and shareholder value.  Growth, though, typically requires significant investments of both financial and human capital, and therefore poses significant risk to banking organizations unless the associated risks are properly identified and managed.  Further, some growth strategies can require regulatory approval and often, due to the associate risks, are subject to significant regulatory scrutiny. 


Bank Strategies LLC can help your organization identify, evaluate, and manage growth strategies; and navigate the regulatory landscape and common missteps that we have seen derail other institutions in their efforts to grow.  

  • De Novo bank consultation

  • Due diligence assistance

  • Regulatory application assistance

  • Business plan development

  • Branch expansion consultation

  • Buy/sell considerations

  • Capital planning

  • New product/service assessments and consultation

  • Market growth opportunity consultation


Bank Strategies, LLC produces a periodic email covering a variety of topics including those shown on this web site in the "Our Thoughts" tab plus others that we do not add to this web site.  If you would like to be added to our email list, please email Jim Swanson at Jim@bankstrategiesllc.com with the term "Subscribe me" as the subject line of the email.  Thank you.



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